Host of exciting options await you at NPC 2018.

Getting to Scale Niche is the Future Disruptive tech The new Ecosystem
  • The ups and downs in the journey of Unicorn Startups
  • Finding the right Product Market Fit
  • Building Inside Sales for lead gen
  • Going Global – Pricing, Negotiation, Partnership
  • Strategic Imperatives – What can make or break a startup
  • FinTech – Unlocking growth in untapped segments
  • HealthTech – Making the disruption real
  • RetailTech – Riding the wave of Innovation
  • Transportation & Logistics – The On Demand Economy and what’s ahead
  • IOT & Devices – Business Models for success
  • BharatTech – Touching a billion Indians
Getting ahead of the game
  • The S curve for AI – Opportunities for Innovation
  • AI at the Edge
  • Blockchain – Is it ready for Prime Time?
  • Next Wave of Computing – the Intelligent Cloud
  • Data and Analytics – driving Business Outcomes
What's changing, what's ahead
  • What’s cooking in Silicon Valley
  • Israel, China, Japan – Why India is attracting attention from VCs and startups in these markets
  • Open innovation – Use cases that are creating business impact for Enterprise and Startups
  • The Indian Digital CXO – Moving from legacy to as a service
  • VC Ecosystem for DeepTech – The Imperative for Patient Capital