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vss-mani_h_bFounder & CEO, Just Dial


Claim to fame: Took Justdial from 6 employees and INR 50,000 to 7,400 employees and a very successful IPO. Honoured with IDMA Person of the Year award in 2013.

Mani is an authority on:

Growth Strategies
Financing Strategies
“When I started, people questioned my ideas; they were sceptical about this service. When I moved to the Internet, people rubbished it. When I decided to go public, many questioned the timing in a slowing economy, later doubted the offer price and finally feared the stock will open lower. “



VSS Mani is the founder, Managing Director, and CEO of Justdial. Launched in 1997, Justdial is the go-to destination for Indians to find information over the phone or the Internet. It handles over 130 million calls a year. Since launch, Justdial has also ventured into online offerings and diversified into other areas such as ordering food and booking taxis.

In May 2013, Justdial had a very successful IPO and raised over INR 900 crore. In 2010, Justdial created history in the Indian Corporate sector by becoming the first Indian company to win the Red Hat Innovation award.Mani started Justdial with 6 employees and an initial investment of INR 50,000. It started with some rented computers, borrowed furniture and by hiring a few college students in the beginning, to collect data by literally knocking every door in Mumbai. After 17 years, Justdial has more than 7,400 employees, a presence pan-India, and even in the US, and a database of approximately 9.1 million listings

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